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Love Your Anxiety Podcast

Get the spiritual support and perspectives to starting healing your anxiety so it doesn’t wreck your life anymore! You will be inspired and motived to build a deep and powerful relationship with yourself so you can self south anywhere, anytime!   Emilie Clarke is an Anxiety survivor, Spiritual Guide and Anxiety Coach, and the founder the Axe Your Anxiety Bootcamp. She is dedicated to helping amazing women who suffer everyday from their anxiety to live an aligned, freedom based and happy life… along side their anxiety.  Each episode is packed with love, support, education and laughs!

Jan 18, 2021

Please join me in welcoming my new friend and Quantum Healer Genevieve Joy! In this episode, we’ll go deep into how you can have massive healing moments with just your thoughts and Genevieve’s techniques! 


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Jan 5, 2021

In this episode, we talk about spiritual awakenings, what they look like, misconceptions, and what my spiritual awakening was like.

The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers: 

A Return To Love: